CANCELLED - Circle of Love Raft Up

  • August 07, 2021
  • August 08, 2021
  • Lake Boca Raton


  • Must be a boat owner. Non boat owner registrations will be rejected.

Welcome to the Sailing Singles of South Florida

Circle of LOVE Raft Up

In this memo are the instructions for the Circle of LOVE Raft Up.

There will be four Anchor Boats that will mark the four corners of the raft up.

Circle of LOVE Raft Up equipment needed to bring and enter the Circle of LOVE Raft Up:

Fenders, plenty of fenders on both sides of your vessel and a floater or two to have to carry to any place needed as other vessels approach your vessel. Fenders should be placed at the sheer line at amidship.

Lines, (Without fray, cuts or splices in them), bare minimum 2 spring lines the length of your vessel. One bow line ¾ the length of your vessel. Stern line ½ the length of your vessel. And lastly, in case of an emergency a throw line, ready for just in case. All lines should be ready in hand, one end attached to your vessel, the rest in hand of your crew members BEFORE APPROACHING the raft up.

Anchor with a minimum of 25’of chain. Have your anchor ready to deploy if and when the Raft Master asks you to deploy and set your anchor. Inform the Raft Master if you have a second stern anchor that is ready to be deployed.

VHF radio (installed or handheld) with someone standing by who knows how to use it to communicate on channel 68.

One throwable life cushion, at the ready.

Circle of LOVE Raft Up Safety:

Follow the instructions of the Raft Master or others when approaching.

Radio and /or hand signals will guide you to the correct side of the raft up.

Have fenders FULLY DEPLOYED BEFORE APPROACHING the Circle of LOVE raft Up.

Please stay on your vessel until your vessel and any vessel next to your vessel are fully secured.

Be patient with the other Captains and crew-not everyone is an experienced helmsman.

Use great care moving between boat to boat.

Monitor weather at all times and be prepared to break up if the Raft Master calls for a breakup.

Circle of LOVE Raft Up Etiquette:

You are expected to remain in place until the Circle of LOVE Raft Up disperses.

Be respectful of the boats next to you regarding music, manners,and noise.

Boat shoes (are shoes you wear ONLY on boats and are NOT worn to Publix or to the boat) or bare feet ONLY in the raft up. If you don’t own some, here is your reason to buy some. some.

Please when crossing boats ask permission to board and DO NOT cross in and thru a cockpit unless by invitation/permission. Respect the other vessels and do not enter cabin spaces or cockpits unless invited.

Share with and meet new friends for life at the Circle of LOVE Raft Up.

We are in those times where health is important and in everyone’s thoughts. Wearing a mask is allowed and when in a social setting in the Circle of LOVE Raft Up, mask up as you feel it is needed.

Circle of LOVE Raft Up Communications:

Sign up on the Sailing Singles web site.

We will be communicating via email and text if cancellation due to weather is needed.

Raft Master will be on channel 16 on Thursday and Friday before the event. On Saturday of the event the Raft Master will be on channel 68.

Crew Members should listen to your captain and only your captain when on board.

Circle of LOVE Raft Up Procedures:

Four Anchor Boats will meet and anchor out on the Thursday Before the Circle of Love Raft Up to secure enough space for all vessels joining the circle.

There will be tenders to assist rafting up.

The anchor boats will anchor out at 12, 3, 6, and 9 with bow and stern anchors marking out the Circle of LOVE Circle.

Starting at 0700 Hours, the morning for the Circle of LOVE Raft Up, vessels joining the circle should announce their arrival and make ready for entering the circle WHEN CALLED for by the Raft Master.

The Circle of LOVE Raft Up vessels will be called to join the Raft Up by VHF radio channel 68. Three vessels will be called at a time. First vessel called will be first to be placed in the circle. Followed by Second, followed by the third. Each time another vessel is called, to raft up a third and new vessel will be added to the call up.

The vessel being called up will be told which vessel to raft up to and what side to raft up to and whether you will need to drop anchor or not as rafting up.

Every third vessel may be asked to drop anchor.

Have fenders deployed on the proper side at the beamiest part of your vessel and lines ready to hand to the vessel you will be rafting up along side

The rafting vessel approaches slowly with a person on the bow and stern to hand lines to the set vessel when the approaching Captain gives the order.

Bow and stern lines are first to go over and back. Spring lines are next and set staggered, so standing rigging do not match or are side by side.

The set vessel will receive the lines and place the line quickly around the set vessels cleat and pass the line back to the approaching vessel for securing. This way each vessel has the control of their own lines.

Spring lines should be “banjo tight,” so the vessels don’t shift and move when a wake hits the vessels.

The Circle of LOVE RAFT Up will be declared Closed and no other vessels may join the Raft Up after the Raft Master declares the raft up is closed No vessel may enter the Circle of Love Raft Up after the Circle is closed

Circle of LOVE Raft Up Departing instructions:

The Circle of LOVE Raft Up will start breaking up procedures at 1100 hours on Sunday.

All swimmers out of the water.

The four Anchor vessels will be the last to depart the circle.

Last to enter the circle will be the first to depart.

Departing is opposite of rafting up. Remove the spring lines and then the bow line , allowing the departing vessels bow to swing out a little. Then remove the stern line and the departing vessels should swing out allowing the vessel to depart freely.

Have safe Travels to your home port.

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