Sailing Education 


Sailing Education

Conveying knowledge about sailing is a major focus of the club. It is strongly promoted through club sails, the monthly general meeting and at specially designated instructional gatherings known as "Sailing Orientation Sessions" or SOS. The club's captains and experienced members are the primary instructors, but the Vice Commodore also schedules programs and events featuring outside experts.

Subjects taught at SOS may include:

    • Sailing Theory
    • Sailboat Terminology
    • Safety at Sea
    • Lines and Knots
    • Boat Etiquette
    • Dinghy Handling
    • VHF Radio (instructor-Debi Hallmark) audio_only.m4a 
    • First Aid (instructor-Sheila O'Neil)  SSSF First Aid.pdf 

During the year the club generally conducts two educational SOS events, in Spring and Fall.

The location for these event may vary, so watch Calendar for details and register online to participate.

Questions may be directed via email to the organizer of the SOS :

You might want to take a look at Tips for New Sailors.

SOS 2020 ~ Sailing Education Materials  (available for Members after login)

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